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Welcome to our store. We are a small business selling new and used LEGO. We welcome comments and feedback. Located in IL we have been selling LEGO online since 2017.  We strive to provide a quality product and are proud to be able to serve so many customers all over the world.

Added (3/6/2023)

  • Large orders are served best with proper time to process, over 75 lots and/or 500 pieces the shipping time may be up to 7 days.  Our larger order specialist will do their best to process these in less than 7 days.

  • Normal service for orders is 2-4 days (this includes being closed on Sunday). 

  • A short piece count in a lot will be refunded and shipped with a message to detail what is missing.  Other missing lots will be coordinated with the customer.

  • We strive to provide a satisfactory experience for every order.  If you have concerns or questions about an order please contact us immediately.

  • While shopping you may notice we have duplicate lots for the same/same elements. As in color/part#.   We are what is called an unconsolidated store.  These lots are added at different times, the prices do not reflect the quality or condition of the parts.  We strive to provide a large reach of elements and by adding parts this way we are able to offer many many more.  We suggest using a wanted list to maximize your shopping experience with us.  See here on how to use the wanted list


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