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Welcome to our store. We are a small business selling new and used LEGO. We welcome comments and feedback. Located in IL we have been selling  LEGO online since 2017.  We strive to provide a quality product and are proud to be able to serve so many customers all over the world.   

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Shipping Methods

DHL Express

Ships ToWorldwide excluding: United States
NoteMost location 1-3 days worldwide!
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz15.99ozUS $50.00
1lbs 0oz1lbs 7.99ozUS $65.00
1lbs 8oz2lbs 3.99ozUS $80.00

First Class International

Ships ToWorldwide excluding: South Sudan, United States
NoteAll international shipping in a flat envelope bubble mailer with Tracking number provided.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz1ozUS $11.00
1.01oz1.95ozUS $11.50
1.96oz2.95ozUS $12.00
2.96oz3.95ozUS $13.00
3.96oz4.95ozUS $14.00
4.96oz5.95ozUS $15.00
5.96oz6.95ozUS $16.00
6.96oz7.95ozUS $19.00
7.96oz10.95ozUS $22.00
10.96oz15.99ozUS $22.00

Priority Mail 2-3 Day

Ships ToUnited States
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz8ozUS $9.55
8.01oz1lbs 0ozUS $12.20
1lbs 0.01oz1lbs 10ozUS $13.31
1lbs 10.01oz2lbs 4ozUS $15.58
2lbs 4.01oz2lbs 14ozUS $22.45
2lbs 14.01oz3lbs 8ozUS $24.18
3lbs 8.01oz4lbs 3ozUS $27.63
4lbs 3.01oz5lbs 12ozUS $29.84

UPS Ground USA

Ships ToUnited States
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz1lbs 0ozUS $12.00
1lbs 0.01oz2lbs 0ozUS $15.00
2lbs 0.01oz3lbs 0ozUS $18.00
3lbs 0.01oz4lbs 0ozUS $20.00
4lbs 0.01oz5lbs 0ozUS $20.00
5lbs 0.01oz6lbs 0ozUS $23.00
6lbs 0.01oz7lbs 0ozUS $25.00
7lbs 0.01oz8lbs 0ozUS $26.00
8lbs 0.01oz9lbs 0ozUS $29.00
9lbs 0.01oz10lbs 0ozUS $29.00
10lbs 0.01oz11lbs 0ozUS $32.00
11lbs 0.01oz12lbs 0ozUS $35.00
12lbs 0.01oz13lbs 0ozUS $37.00
13lbs 0.01oz14lbs 0ozUS $40.00
14lbs 0.01oz15lbs 0ozUS $42.00

USPS First-Class Package

Ships ToUnited States
NoteStandard USPS shipping with tracking number provided.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz4ozUS $5.00
4.01oz8ozUS $5.50
8.01oz12ozUS $6.00
12.01oz15.99ozUS $7.00

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Ships ToWorldwide excluding: South Sudan


 Last Updated: 22 Oct 2021